Jordan Castelloe

Jordan Castelloe, NewForce Program Director

Before Jordan discovered programming, she managed a family-owned store in Asheville, NC. She started teaching herself to code because the store’s database management system couldn’t give her the numbers she needed, so she jerry-rigged it with custom scripts. It was a slippery slope: before long, Jordan was having a lot more fun building hacking software for the business than she was managing it.

Jordan attended Nashville Software School for full-stack web development and stayed on as a teaching assistant after graduating. She found that she loved working in a field where there’s always something new to learn, and is excited to help NewForce students embrace the learning curve and take their first steps into the new frontier of the tech industry.

Jordan moved up to West Virginia in 2018 to help found NewForce as the fist lead instructor. In 2021, she passed the instructor baton to Tommy and transitioned into her current role as program director.