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Career Connector

Our workforce development hub connects qualified talent with West Virginia employers in order to increase access to opportunity in the Mountain State. The Career Connector offers resources and services for both job seekers and employers.

Are you a job seeker hoping to find opportunities in WV? Are you an employer in WV looking for qualified candidates to fill an open role?

The Career Connector works to bridge the gap between employers’ needs and employees’ skills.

83% of Businesses Agree: Partnering with professional staffing and recruitment services significantly boosts the quality of their hires. ~Statistica

What clients are saying

WV Citizen Action Group
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The Career Connector was a tremendous resource; we had way more qualified candidates than for the last position we posted elsewhere."
Conservation Legacy
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Posting through Generation West Virginia was a great boost to our recruitment!
Sarah WarnerJob Seeker
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I was laid off from my previous job in May, and started job searching using all of the big job portals and applying to jobs every day and having no luck…. Now (because of the Career Connector) I get to do what I love, which I never thought I would be able to do in West Virginia, for a company that offers a great service to our community!