Local Meetups

Nothing beats connecting with your fellow West Virginians. These events are submitted and hosted by you. How does this work?

Create Your Homebase

Before you submit your event to us, we suggest creating a Facebook, Eventbrite, or Meetup.com group. You could also link a social profile–we don't suggest sharing personal info like email or phone number.

Include the Link

When you submit your event to the GWV calendar, include the external link in the event description. This way people interested in the event have a way to connect, or get in touch, beforehand.

Ta-da! You're Done.

After you submit your event, we'll share it on our socials and our monthly newsletter for others to see. If you snag a photo during your event, tag us in it! We love to see what's happening throughout the Mountain State.

NewForce Applications Open October 26

NewForce is a six-month, fully-remote, tuition-free coding school. Our goal is to build a tech economy in West Virginia that works for everyone. Check out our NewForce 101 guidebook for more information.