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Generation West Virginia equips young West Virginians with key skills and career opportunities, ensuring their ability to thrive in the Mountain State.



to remember.

Join us for an evening to recognize notable West Virginians who embody our mission of equipping young West Virginians with the key skills and career opportunities they need to thrive in the Mountain State.

This year’s Summer Night Soiree is August 24, 2024 at J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works. 

Our Work

Our workforce development hub connects local job seekers and employers in order to increase access to opportunity in the Mountain State.

The GWV Fellowship is a nine-month program designed to help emerging and mid-career professionals find their footing in West Virginia.

NewForce is a six-month, fully-remote, tuition-free coding school. Our goal is to build a tech economy in West Virginia that works for everyone.

We strengthen broadband work that’s happening in communities by filling in capacity gaps and facilitating partnerships across private, public, and nonprofit sectors.



is calling you?

Nima Shahab Shahmir found his path and found his people in West Virginia. He is an alum of Generation West Virginia’s GWV Fellowship program and NewForce. Nima is proud to be part of the Mountain State’s next generation.

Nima Shahab Shamir