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We're Here for the




What dream is calling you?

Is it finding your way somewhere off the beaten path? Staking out on your own, but not too far from your roots? Maybe it’s making a difference in your community or building a life on your terms in a place that’s wild and wonderful.

Everyday we’re working to make those dreams (and many more) a reality, because we’re determined to shape a future that's full of possibility for everyone who wants to call West Virginia home.

Generation West Virginia is a statewide organization that understands finding a path is easier when we navigate the hurdles together. Our work is driven by the belief that when every young person has the tools, resources, and connections needed to make a home for their dreams here, we’ll end up building a better West Virginia for generations to come.

How do we bring this vision to life?

We team up with dreamers and doers across the state to clear paths. To build fulfilling communities and careers so that, throughout the Mountain State, more people can find their way and find their people.

Our History