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Mariia Porplenko

Hi, I'm Mariia!

I’m interested in: I’m interested in passionate about developing and creating meaningful projects that make a positive impact. Beyond that, I’m interesting in the world of data analytics and SQL, where I can uncover insights to drive decisions and innovation.

When coding, I most often find myself saying: “When coding, I think ‘Just one more line!’ It’s like wanting to add that final touch to make everything perfect. But sometimes it’s not working like I want.

Things I’m looking for in a job: “Learning Opportunities: I want a job where I can learn from experienced developers and grow my skills.

  • Team Collaboration: I thrive in a supportive team environment where collaboration is valued.
  • Continuous Learning: I value companies that support ongoing learning and skill development.
  • Work-Life Balance.

Learn more:

Server Side Capstone Project: T-I-yo, a travel assist app for those who love to explore new places.