Together we help communities overcome barriers to broadband access and start enacting tangible change in WV. 

When it comes to broadband, West Virginia is one of the least-connected states in the nation, and there are more opportunities than ever to leverage federal resources to bring broadband internet to remote, underserved areas.

GWV provides wrap-around technical assistance and support in navigating the process, including grant writing, strategic planning, and partnership development tailored to local needs. We strengthen broadband work that’s happening in communities by filling in capacity gaps and facilitating partnerships across private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

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<Big News> WV Allocated 1.2 Billion Dollars in Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) funding. Funds are provided through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Learn more here.

Check the WV Office of Broadband for up-to-date news, data, and grant resources from the WV State Broadband Office

What We Offer

Where do I start?

  • #1) Figure out what is going on in your community!
    Reach out to your local RPDC and/or EDA to find out who is working on broadband in your area. 
    Our team works closely with the state Regional Planning and Development Councils to coordinate our rapid response Technical Assistance services.
  • #2 Get your data and determine key needs:
    Regional Optical Communications, (ROC), project partners since 2020 is in the process of finalizing a statewide study that provides EVERY WV county with preliminary aerial Fiber routing, cost estimates, and targeted address data. The ROC study results are being disseminated Summer/Fall 2023 with the final report available October 2023. This project provides communities and projects with up-to-date data to use for project development for BEAD and other Federal Funds.
  • Get in touch with your local RPDC and/or EDA : Directory here:
  • RPDC works with Generation WV to build project team and determine key needs.

What does the process look like?

Partners and Collaborators

Our work is made possible by the partnerships and collaborations that help move broadband access forward in West Virginia.

NDIA | National Digital Inclusion Alliance | Affiliate

Our Impact

John Tuggle PE PS
John Tuggle PE PSExecutive Director Region 4 Planning and Development Council
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"Regional Optical Communication (ROC) is a 19-county consortium focused on the planning and collaboration to improve broadband within the region. The benefit of having the team of experts from Generation West Virginia as a driving force in laying the foundation for broadband connectivity implementation by utilizing their planning, coordination and funding prowess has been immeasurable. We believe success breeds success, and we're excited to continue our collaborative efforts with GWV and tackle the task of mimicking the accomplishments in our initial 19 counties throughout the entire state of West Virginia."
$ 45
million in state/federal and matching funds to support new fiber construction
households now connected to broadband through our support
West Virginia counties connected