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Generation West Virginia’s programs support young people in creating meaningful, long-lasting careers in the Mountain State. Whether you’re a current job seeker, emerging leader, student, or career changer, we’re here to help you on your way.

Heavenly Burdette
Heavenly BurdetteNewForce Graduate
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I was a travel agent when COVID-19 hit, which changed everything. I needed to find a new career quickly, and after completing a few online coding courses I decided software development was the way to go! NewForce is the real job experience. The program does a great job of replicating how we work on the job, while also teaching us to code. It's truly an immersive experience. I'm now graduating from NewForce and starting as a Data Engineer at!
Amna Haque
Amna HaqueGWV Fellowship Class of 2023
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The GWV Fellowship has helped me develop skills and build personal and professional connections as I begin my career in West Virginia. The fellowship has deepened my love for our state and has shown me ways in which I can promote prosperity and be an asset to my workplace and community, all while building my life here.
John Tuggle PE PS
John Tuggle PE PSBroadband Partner
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The benefit of having the team of experts from Generation West Virginia as a driving force in laying the foundation for broadband connectivity implementation by utilizing their planning, coordination and funding prowess has been immeasurable. The Regional Optical Communication (ROC) believe success breeds success, and we're excited to continue our collaborative efforts with GWV and tackle the task of mimicking the accomplishments in our initial 19 counties throughout the entire state of West Virginia.
Cassidy Riley
Cassidy RileyCareer Connector User
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Generation West Virginia provided me with the resources necessary to find employment here at home. I am lucky to say that I work in developing coal impacted communities, and it wouldn’t have been without the Career Connector!
Sydney Wait
Sydney WaitNewForce Graduate
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NewForce was an amazing opportunity to learn a new skill set in a relatively short amount of time. The fact that it was free was icing on the cake! My favorite part was realizing just how much I could learn in 6 months, and gaining life-long friends and connections.
Clayton Harkins
Clayton HarkinsGWV Fellowship Class of 2023
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I am thankful to my firm, Dinsmore & Shohl, for recognizing the value of the Fellowship and investing in my professional development by sponsoring my participation in the program. The GWV Fellowship provided me the opportunity to form lasting connections with fellow West Virginians from across the state and across industries, and has led me to recognize the power of collective collaboration in driving positive change within our communities.
Sarah Warner
Sarah WarnerCareer Connector User
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When I was sent an Instagram post from GWV that showed a list of open positions in West Virginia, with a job title that perfectly aligned with my experience, in the city where I’m located I was so excited. It was just what I’d been looking for! That next Monday I gave them a call and scheduled an interview, and I got the job! Now I get to do what I love in West Virginia, working for a company that offers a great service to our community.
Kel Cecil
Kel CecilWV Employer
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Partnering with Generation West Virginia has been transformative. We've hired talented NewForce alumni, benefited from the Fellowship's mentorship, and found top-tier candidates through the Career Connector, ultimately driving our innovation and growth at InspectionGo.