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Tracy Samples, Director of Operations

Tracy comes to GWV most recently from serving as Human Resources manager at the Green Bank Observatory and Director of Human Resources at Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Starting out as the 4-H Extension Agent for WVU in Pocahontas County, she has remained in the county for the bulk of her career.

Tracy’s work life passion has been to recruit young people to the state and grow the talent within its borders. Through the many workforce and leadership programs she has developed through the years, Tracy has been successful in contributing to WV’s workforce by attracting talent and keeping those skilled workers in the state.

Originally from the small town of Troy, WV, Tracy now resides in Marlinton where she and her partner own a co-working space called Almost Local Business Hub, which serves as an access point for reliable internet for those traveling to the area or relocating to WV and in need of a professional space to work remotely. Tracy graduated from Glenville State University with a B.A. in Journalism, English & Political Science.

Email: [email protected]