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2016 Young Voter Report

What do young West Virginians care about heading to the polls?

In the winter of 2016, we conducted a political engagement study, polling 507 West Virginia residents between the ages of 18-45 and we are excited to share the findings with you. 

As Nov. 8 approaches, the report outlines the interests and motivations of young West Virginian voters however, this data’s importance extends beyond the election as it highlights the issues that drive this generation of West Virginians in choosing not only how to vote but where to live and work.

By understanding what young West Virginians see as the state’s greatest assets and challenges, we can better align our programmatic and policy priorities to build upon what’s working and fill in the elements that are missing.

In order for West Virginia to better attract, retain, and advance young talent, we must also be a state that listens to and truly values the interests and motivations of those we seek to attract and retain.

Issues that are important to young voters are important for West Virginia’s future.