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Chelsea Hamlin

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I’m interested in: I enjoy gathering copious amounts of animal facts, exploring linguistics in both tech and non-tech contexts, and I find joy in enhancing websites’ aesthetics through UX/UI design, CSS styling, and wireframing. Additionally, I find working with React especially enjoyable as it feels like elevated HTML and makes squishing bugs as they crop up surprisingly fun.


When coding, I most often find myself saying: “…Syntax!”” complete with a Dinkleberg voice and fist shaking”


Things I’m looking for in a job: In my pursuit of a junior full-stack development role, I’m particularly drawn to opportunities that enable me to focus on building on the foundations of the skills I gained from NewForce, while including UX/UI design aspects, such as styling with CSS and wireframing. I’m passionate about crafting engaging user experiences and refining the visual elements of web applications. 


Learn more: 

Server Side Capstone Project: Test Your Strength, a language learning game.