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Colin Matteson

Hi, I'm Colin!

I’m interested in: I’m interested in:  I’m interested in using my technical and communication skills to facilitate cross-team collaboration and turn robust design plans into beautiful products. Front-end development is amazing because it fuses design fundamentals with very complex programs to ensure the product itself is easy and intuitive to use. Back-end development taps into my love for data management, aggregation, and analysis. I have always enjoyed working with data, and getting ample hands-on experience in planning, implementing, and maintaining intricate databases and algorithms only makes me more excited to continue learning and growing. Oh also I love to write and play music and have been doing that for over 20 years.


When coding, I most often find myself saying: There’s so much more I can learn”” – which used to be something that felt scary, deflating, and like I would always be behind and struggling to catch up. Now that I’m more experienced and confident developer, that same phrase gives me endless amounts of hope, motivation, and excitement for all of the concepts, strategies, frameworks, languages, and more I can dive in on and keep expanding my knowledge and expertise in web development and software engineering.”


Things I’m looking for in a job: A communicative and collaborative team, opportunities for individual growth and development, and a working environment where I can continue building and honing my skill set while making a positive impact as I go.

Server Side Capstone Project: Decideify, a content suggestion and recommendation platform to simplify decision making.

Front-End Capstone Project: Playoff Basketball Slot Machine, a fun time passer for basketball fans.