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Broadband Program Director

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Broadband Program Director

Generation West Virginia is looking for a Broadband Program Director to lead our Locally-Driven Broadband Solutions Initiative, which supports local communities in securing federal and state broadband funds to build out necessary broadband infrastructure. Through technical assistance including project scoping, engineering, planning, and grant writing, we’ve helped local communities secure over $45 million in broadband project funding from the Economic Development Administration, Appalachian Regional Commission, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and the WV State Broadband Office. These funds will be used to expand internet access to more than 30,000 previously disconnected households in the state.

As the Broadband Program Director, you’ll build on the proven successful model of this program to offer support to more communities across the state, oversee and expand our team of contracted technical assistance experts based on emerging local needs, share lessons learned to inform state and federal funding programs, and work with the Executive Director to ensure Generation West Virginia is a trusted and go-to resource for internet access in the state.

While this may sound like a technical job, you don’t need to have previous experience in the broadband industry to apply for this position. The ideal candidate for this role will have an excitement to learn and work with community partner organizations to ensure people in rural areas have equitable access to this critical infrastructure.

About Generation West Virginia

West Virginia is one of the few states in the nation with a declining population. In confronting this reality, one thing is very clear: the state’s future depends on its ability to become an ideal destination for young talent. Generation West Virginia (GWV) is the statewide organization dedicated to attracting, retaining, and advancing young people in the Mountain State. We achieve this by:

  • Developing and sustaining an activated, diverse network of young people
  • Providing accessible programs and educational tools that empower and inspire young leaders
  • Identifying and communicating the priorities, motivations, and needs of the next generation of West Virginians
  • Supporting West Virginia’s workforce needs by connecting young people to jobs and opportunities in the Mountain State

We are working toward a vision of West Virginia where challenges are seen as opportunities, young people are drivers in our state’s future, and the Mountain State is a destination for young talent to live, work, and thrive.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The Broadband Director will:

  • Manage and coordinate partnerships with local communities, State Office of Broadband, federal agencies, and other funders to successfully secure funds for broadband projects in the state
  • Identify and reach out to local community partners who would be a good fit for federal and state grant programs
  • Identify local community partner needs to successfully apply for and secure federal and state broadband grants and develop individualized technical assistance strategy
  • Manage and expand, as needed, the technical assistance team of broadband experts to provide individualized support to local communities
  • Collect and share lessons learned from local communities to inform future program development, internally and with state and federal partners
  • Work with the Executive Director to design and implement future iterations of this program based on emerging needs, including expanded federal and state funding
  • Work with Communications and Outreach Manager to share lessons learned and successes of the program and ensure Generation West Virginia is a trusted, go-to resource for internet access in the state

Experience and Skills

  • Experience working with and managing diverse relationships is required
  • Experience with designing and implementing programs or projects is required
  • Experience and comfort with managing teams is required
  • Experience with expanding internet access in rural areas is a plus, but not required
  • Experience working with West Virginia state agencies and local government entities is a plus, but not required

You’d be great for this role if you’re:

  • Driven: You’re motivated to pull things off even on tight deadlines or when things don’t go according to plan. Often, grant programs open up without warning and with a short timeframe to apply. You’ll have to be ready to work quickly with partners and your team to overcome challenges to submit applications on time.
  • Responsive: Each community will have different needs and will be starting from different places in their efforts to expand internet access. You’ll need to work with community partner organizations to understand what the right next step is and be creative in connecting them with the support they need next.
  • Organized: You can manage multiple projects, prioritizing appropriately to support the organization and your team. You create clear systems and processes to manage workflows and keep a team, including contractors and local partners, on task to meet often tight grant deadlines.
  • Collaborative: You understand that the best way to make this program successful is by working collaboratively – including with local, state, and federal government representatives.
  • Forward-thinking: You care about and believe in West Virginia. You are honest about the challenges we face, but you know a future that reaches beyond “we’ve always done it this way” or “it’s good enough” is not only possible, but already happening.

Salary, Benefits and Where You’ll Work

The starting salary for this role is $55,000 – $60,000. GWV provides a great benefits package including, but not limited to, dental, vision, and health insurance, paid maternity/paternity/adoption leave, and flexible paid time off. As a statewide organization, we have staff located all across the state, and our day-to-day operations run remotely. While access to Charleston is important, this position can be done remotely, anywhere in West Virginia. Travel for this position will be required, and mileage reimbursement is available. This position’s standard working hours are 9 am to 5 pm, with occasional work outside of these hours. Generation West Virginia is an equal opportunity employer.


Applications are due Feb. 6. Apply here, where you will be prompted to submit:

  • Contact information
  • Resume
  • Cover letter