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Generational Talent Search

GWV’s talent recruitment service that helps employers find top talent by offering a streamlined approach to staffing and recruitment in West Virginia.


Why this approach works

The Generational Talent Search was designed to help your business:

Expand your reach.

We’ll get your job in front of a large pool of talented candidates.

Get tailored quality candidates.

You’ll get personalized meetings with the Career Connector Program Manager and review a customized talent pool found using some of the world’s best known recruitment tools.

Reduce your recruiting costs.

Finding the right employee can be costly. We charge a small fee that will minimize your hiring stress and save you time, money and resources.

Decrease time to hire.

We help you get the right candidate fast, which reduces operational costs, workplace stress, and a multitude of problems both short and long term.

Why use our services?

We offer cost-effective solutions compared to our competitors.

We leverage our distributed team and network of partners across the state to connect you with top-tier talent.

Innovation is our key to success! We aren't afraid to experiment to get the results we want.

Let's Discuss Your Staffing Needs

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