Connecting the Best and Brightest

Today’s young professionals are interested in finding their purpose and are searching for employers who wish to play a part. By sponsoring a Fellow, you help us work to identify and cultivate the next generation of leaders, helping them to stay and thrive in West Virginia.

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of young people think sense of purpose/impact is one of the most important criteria when considering a career opportunity
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of millennials listed their company’s commitment to the community as an influence on their decision to work there
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of business leaders said effective employee engagement programs help them attract and retain employees

Who is it for?

Consider sponsoring your employees for the Generation West Virginia Fellowship if:

  • You want your new hires to have the support of a cohort of other young professionals in the state
  • You’re interested in professional development for employees that can not only benefit your business but also have a real-world impact in WV communities
  • You want to support leadership development in West Virginia

Benefits of Sponsoring a Fellow

This networking opportunity and the connections it fosters are what fellows indicate year after year as the most valuable element of the fellowship. During our nine retreats, fellows are able to grow connections with local community leaders, policy makers, skilled professionals, and – most importantly – each other. These connections benefit your employee and your business in the long term.

Fellows receive professional development training that prepares them to take the companies and organizations they are a part of to the next level. These skills—ranging from budgeting to networking to project management and more—can be applied to any position to the benefit of all.

The search for purpose is on young professionals’ agendas. Fellows work together on meaningful service projects conceived and executed in close collaboration with local communities and organizations. Sponsorship signals investment in employee retention, community development, and GWV’s mission to grow West Virginia.

Sponsor an employee.

When you choose to sponsor an employee for the Fellowship, you benefit—and your community and state do, too.

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