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What to Expect as a Student

Over the course of the six-month program, students are in a virtual classroom over Zoom with their cohort every weekday from 9am–4pm.

The Virtual Classroom

There are two instructors in the Zoom classroom full-time, ready to answer any and all questions. Some days are lab days, in which an instructor live-codes a new concept in the morning and then students have a chance to apply that concept in their own project after lunch.

Building a Portfolio

NewForce doesn’t have tests or grades. Students build around ten team-based projects throughout the program, which they can add to their portfolio to show off to employers. They also design, plan, and build two solo capstone projects on topics of their choice.

Who is it for?

NewForce students come from a wide range of backgrounds: we’ve successfully trained construction workers, school teachers, and retail associates, just to name a few! While most of our students are new to the tech industry, they bring a wealth of experience from their previous careers.

Graduates are qualified to work as junior, full-stack software or web developers and fill positions including software developer, web developer, or mobile application developer. NewForce is open to West Virginia residents only.

Good candidates for NewForce.  .  . 

  • Are problem-solvers
  • Can work through challenges and don’t give up easily
  • Are curious, creative, and love learning new skills
  • Can work under pressure and take constructive feedback
  • Can work well on a team and like helping others succeed
  • Can teach themselves new skills and like to learn
  • May or may not have coding experience but want to have what it takes to get hired at a tech company

Who Hires NewForce Grads?

NewForce graduates have landed in both local and national companies. These are a few of the employers that have hired our graduates.

Try Coding [Right Now!]

Try Coding is an introductory mini-course from NewForce. Work at your own pace to build your first app (with help!) to find out if coding is the career path for you.