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NewForce uses a proven curriculum developed in partnership with Nashville Software School.

The program is divided into two halves. The first three months of the course focus on front-end web development, and the second three months focus on server-side development.

Ultimately, students gain proficiency in the C# language and .NET framework, the centerpieces of Microsoft’s technology stack for application development. Using this technology stack (in combination with other Microsoft or open source technologies), developers have the ability to build a wide variety of applications – from web applications, to server-side web services, to enterprise-scale transaction processing systems.

Front-end Development Foundations

Months 1–3

Students learn how to structure webpages using semantic markup in HTML5 and then style those pages using CSS3.

Students learn the basics of programming and JavaScript – the world’s most widely-used programming language. Use JavaScript to extend your static HTML & CSS and create dynamic user experiences.

Students learn the leading front-end framework and build amazing single-page applications.

Students build websites for any device with mobile-first strategies.

Students learn to work faster and use the terminal without fear. They’ll learn shortcuts, how to use an editor like a ninja, and other developer tools to create a professional, streamlined environment.

Students learn how to use Git to safely manage and track changes in code. They’ll learn how to use GitHub to collaborate with other developers on their team or around the world.

Software Development Foundations

Months 4–6

Students learn to write C# (pronounced “C sharp”), an object-oriented programming language designed for building applications that run on the .NET Framework.

Students learn Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE). They learn how to take advantage of Visual Studio’s power to become a productive C# Developer.

Students use the industry-standard SQL language to store and access data from relational databases.

Students gain experience working in teams, so they’re ready to work on one when they graduate.

Students learn how to expose data using a RESTful API, as well as how to access data via third-party services to make their applications more dynamic.

Students leave NewForce with a completed React front-end / C# back-end capstone project that demonstrates their abilities.